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Q: Do you need any previous experience of a martial art before you attend the course
A: No the solutions taught are based around gross motor skills and do not require a martial arts background. We are not teaching a“martial art”.

Q: Do you need a high level of fitness to complete the course
A: No but you do need the physical capability to undertake the activity , therefore, if you do have any physical impairment which you feel may compromise your ability to undertake the course please seek the advice of a medical professional before attending.   All delegates are required to complete a medical questionnaire prior to commencing the course. All injuries, past and present, must be disclosed, including any medication currently prescribed and / or being taken. 3PS Ltd Coaching Staff reserve the right to exclude from the course any individual whom the staff have reason to believe may be unsuitable for training on the basis of health or physical ability.

Q: Do I need to wear any special clothing for the course 
A: From a Health & Safety perspective we need to minimize the risk of injury, specifically any thatcan be associated with any unnecessary slips, trips and falls. Therefore, it is important that your training attire reduces the risk of you slipping, tripping or falling.
Please ensure that you bring and wear appropriate and adequate training kit for the full duration of the course. Examples of what is appropriate would include: long tracksuit bottoms, gym / training shoes, appropriate training tops, etc.Examples of inappropriate clothing would include: any form of open-toed shoes / sandals,footwear with heels, skirts / dresses, shorts, low-cut tops, training bottoms that are too long and could cause a slip, trip hazard, etc.